Graduation Requirements:
Honors Diploma: 29 credits (must maintain an over-all 3.0 GPA)
Academic Diploma: 25 credits

Subject/CourseHonors DiplomaAcademic Diploma
Language Arts
*Survey of Literature/Grammar Skills
*World Literature/Grammar Skills
*CITS American Literature
*CITS College Composition I
*CITS English Literature
*CITS College Composition II
4 credits4 credits
Religious Studies
*Mastering Bible Study Skills
*Understanding the Faith
*They Spoke From God
*A Popular Survey of the New Testament
*CITS Understanding the Times
4 credits4 credits
Applied Science
*Physical Science
*CLEP Biology
*Human Anatomy and Physiology I
*CITS General Chemistry I
*CITS General Chemistry II
*Introduction to Physics I
*Environmental Science
4 credits3 credits
*Consumer Math
*Business Math
*Algebra I
*CLEP Algebra II
*CLEP Trig./Pre-Calculus
*CLEP Calculus I
4 credits3 creditsAlgebra I, Geometry, Algebra II and Trig./Pre-Calculus min. requirement for Honors Diploma
Social Studies
*World History
*CLEP US History I
*CLEP US History II
*CLEP American Government
*CLEP Microeconomics
4 credits3 creditsGovernment and Microeconomics required for Academic Diploma
Foreign Language
*Spanish I
*CLEP Spanish II
*CLEP Spanish III
3 credits2 credits2 consecutive years of the same language meets min. requirement
Physical Education
1 credit1 credit
1 credit1 credit
*Music, Worship Team, Art, Drama, Yearbook, Computer Applications,
Home Economics, Health Options,
Teacher Assistant, and any courses approved by the Registrar
4 credits
4 credits
CITS and CLEP signify dual college credit courses

Volunteer Service Requirements:

6th grade: 12 hours/year (3 hours/qtr)
7th grade: 18 hours/year (4.5 hours/qtr)
8th grade: 24 hours/year (6 hours/qtr)
9th – 12th grade: 30 hours/year (7.5 hours/qtr)