International Student Testimonies

I was an international student from South Korea. I went to Lakeview for two years, from 2013-2015. I have many great memories at Lakeview and made many friends that I still have today. The teachers made my time at Lakeview easier and showed they cared.

I would recommend Lakeview to anyone who is planning to study in America. Before I came here, I was worried about going to school there. I was worried about not making friends and having understanding problems. But people here are so friendly and teachers try their best to help students understand class. I didn't have any problem making friends and understanding classes. – Jeong Hoon Choi, LCA graduate 2015

The small class sizes helped me make friends easily and get to know everyone.

And everyone really helped me get better at English and prepare me for college in the United States. –Hae Ri Kim from South Korea LCA Senior



I got to meet a lot of kind and interesting people that were different than me. I got to see snow for the first time ever! I liked having long breaks and shorter days—it helped my transition to the United States. --Chia-Jui Fan from Taiwan



Lakeview Christian Academy was a great experience for me. Not only did I learn to speak english more fluently, I also strenghtend my relationship with God which I am very grateful for.
I made lots of friends and had a lot of fun.  ~ Silvia Battisti is from Italy


Admission is limited to high school aged students that are 15-18 years old (F-1 and J-1 students).   Students are expected to be fluent in the English language to be considered for admission.

Lakeview Christian Academy is an independent Christian school.  Students must expect to be exposed to a Christian worldview at school and within their housing arrangements.  We place students with host families that are associated with the school.

Lakeview Christian Academy is a private college preparatory school and does not operate like a public school in the United States.  All of our families have to pay for the services provided by the school above and beyond the taxes they pay in the community.  Therefore, in an attempt to provide all services offered by the school, we bundle/package all services into one cost in order to relieve exchange students and their parents from the burden of having to pay individually for services.

Total Cost for Attendance

Annual Program:         $27,000.00 USA Currency

The single fee charged for an academic school year will cover all of the following: tuition, registration fees, textbook fees, field trip/retreat fees, hot lunch fees, milk fees, athletic fees, administrative fees, student health insurance, and housing expenses (this includes meals at home).  Students are expected to cover their own personal expenses.

The total cost for attendance listed above must be paid in full through an electronic transfer of funds to the school banking institution prior to the issuance of the I-20. These fees are non-negotiable regardless of services utilized.

Depending on the age/grade level of exchange student there is the possibility that he/she could participate in what we call a ‘senior’ mission's trip.  This trip takes place prior to the end of the school year during the month of May.  Due to the significant optional nature of this activity, there would be an additional charge if the exchange student qualifies for the trip and chooses to participate in the trip.  Additionally, these students participate in a number of fundraising events throughout the school year in order to keep the cost to each student at a minimum for the trip.  An exchange student planning on participating in this event would be reasonably expected to participate in the fundraising activities.

Exchange student parents are expected to pay all travel costs associated with arrival/departure to/from the United States, all costs associated with obtaining a student visa in your home country from the US embassy, and provide a sufficient amount of monthly financial support for exchange student for personal expenses during their stay here.  Exchange students should arrive in the USA at least one week prior to the start of the school year and leave the USA no more than one week after the last day of school.


Exchange Student will provide the following to be considered for admission:

  1. New Enrollment Application for International Student Admission (NEAISA)
  2. Certificate of Health for International Student (CHIS)
  3. High School Academic Record
  4. Skype Interview

Send the information above to Kris Brown,