Enrollment Information

Admission Procedures

Contact the school to arrange a tour, visitation and student shadowing.
Schedule an interview with the school administrator.  At this time only will enrollment packets be distributed.
Send all completed forms (detailed instructions are included in the enrollment packet) and the registration fee to the school office.
Some testing may be required depending on the grade placement requested and past conditions of the student’s school performance.
The school will contact you to confirm the completion of the admission process.
In the event that a potential student cannot be accommodated, registration fees will be refunded.

Entrance Requirements

All new students in Preschool will be at least three years of age and must be toilet trained.
All new students in Kindergarten will be at least five years of age by Sept. 1 and have completed the Early Childhood Screening process.
All new students in grades 1-5 will be placement tested by their respective teacher prior to the start of the student at LCA.
All new students in grades 6-12 may be tested for proper grade/course placement.  After consideration of prior testing, transcripts and discussions with parents, teachers and staff, a decision will be made as to the proper grade/course placement.

Homeschool Limited Enrollment

In order to provide homeschooled students with access to our programs and facilities, LCA offers limited enrollment for homeschooled children.  All families must follow the enrollment procedures for new students and be accepted into the LCA program.  After acceptance into the program, costs will be based on the programs being utilized.  Classes are based on a credit hour rate, while extra-curricular activities are based on a one-time, per activity fee.  For more information, please contact the school office.  A diploma from LCA cannot be obtained through limited enrollment.

Re-Enrollment Procedures

Re-enrollment for the fall term for present students is accepted during the month of February.  This is done on a first-come, first-served basis.  All tuition and fees must be current at the time of re-enrollment.  Re-enrollment forms should be completed and returned with the nonrefundable registration fee to the school office.  Enrollment is opened to the public beginning March 1.  At this point all available seats will be offered to new students on a first-come, first served basis.  All tuition accounts must be paid in full by May 31 for a student to maintain their re-enrollment status for the following year.

Financial Assistance