Partnering with families to raise young champions for Christ.

Exceptional Education. Christian Values. Solid Foundation.

"As a student at Lakeview, our child was excited everyday for school, he was on the merit roll, he grew deeper in his faith, and he had a family of teachers and friends who loved him deeply. The atmosphere was exactly what he needed to learn and grow into the man that God has gifted him to be."

"We really love hearing from our son about the weekly Bible verses and chapel worship songs that are part of his experience at LCA. We also are deeply grateful for the way the staff values and protects biblical concepts of family and identity. We feel like we can trust the adults in the school to protect innocence and uphold truth. LCA truly cares about each student and we’re so thankful."

"We love the Christ-centered environment at LCA! Every time we’re there, everyone has a smile on their face and we feel the love, joy and peace of the Lord when there – It’s VERY refreshing … especially in the world we live in today! It’s also evident that the Leadership have a servant-leadership style emulating the example of Jesus."

"We are so thankful for the Lakeview staff and teachers who are much more than that ...they have become family, partnering with us to raise our children in the ways of the Lord. During the most challenging times in our lives, we would come to school and enter through the doors to find a welcoming and loving community. Genuine support and care within these walls is unlike any other education community."

"There is no truer statement that the children are our future. One day, this generation will be taking care of us and leading our world. I chose LCA to invest in my child’s education and to reinforce the structure and values we teach at home. LCA has offered just that and more. My child went from barely passing classes in a public school environment, to becoming a strong student in just a short time. I believe the most amazing part of this transformation was their ability to articulate what they have learned. LCA isn’t teaching to pass a test, they are teaching their students to learn and ask more questions. One of my favorite parts of LCA is how they use the teachings of Christ and put them to practical use. This has led to our child asking numerous questions at the dinner table, which has provoked some in depth conversations. LCA has been a true blessing for all us and we thank Christ for leading us to such a wonderful place."